Pneumatic Power Units and Cylinders

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GFM pneumatic power units and cylinders are high quality, heavy duty, precision machine units built to withstand the most demanding industrial use.

Designed in our own computerised design facility using powerful computers and CAD systems, ensuring continued quality and expansion of the product range.

Component parts are machined in our own high tech CNC Machine Shop, producing closely monitored high quality component parts, giving GFM units a long trouble free working life.

Main stressed body parts machined from solid extruded aluminium (not castings). This guarantees strong, consistent quality, light weight leak free units.

Stressed moving parts are manufactured from high tensile steel, hardened and precision ground where required, ensuring quality long life parts.

Aluminium body parts are quality anodised. This gives GFM units a very pleasing visual appearance with long lasting corrosion resistance.

At all stages of manufacture components and assemblies are subjected to rigorous inspection and test procedures, giving the end user the confidence that GFM units and spare parts are of consistent high quality.

High quality seals are used throughout the GFM range, keeping maintenance down and helping the units to have a long smooth trouble free life.

Standard Clean 7 Bar (100 PSI) compressed air is the only power supply required, no hydraulics or electrics used, enabling safe simple installation in areas were oil and electrics could be a problem.

The units can be used in sensitive areas such as the food, cosmetic, medical and other industries where contamination is a problem.

GFM units give a high output from a small unit without the dangers of electricity or contamination from hydraulics.

GFM units can be used in hostile, difficult and sensitive areas without the problems normally associated with oil and electricity.

Our computerised stock control and stores system ensures fast efficient despatch of power units, cylinders and spare parts.

Pneumatic Power Units

FIXED and VARIABLE units embodying
the principles of FORCE MULTIPLICATION

3.5 tonne @ 10, 20, 38 mm FIXED stroke

3.5 tonne @ 38 mm VARIABLE stroke

7.0 tonne @ 10, 20, 38 mm FIXED stroke

12.0 tonne @ 25, 65 mm VARIABLE stroke

Pneumatic Cylinders


0.5 tonne cylinders @ 100 mm FIXED stroke

0.5 tonne cylinders @ 100 mm VARIABLE stroke

1.0 tonne cylinders @ 100, 250 mm FIXED stroke

1.0 tonne cylinders @ 100, 250 mm VARIABLE stroke

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