The range incorporates the unique toggle action Power Units which embodies the principle of force multiplication. Within the Power Units the piston is indirectly connected to the ram by toggle links. A power factor is developed through the changing relationship of the ram to the piston. This results in an increasing output force which peaks at the end of the stroke, and is available on the return stroke for stripping. The Toggle Action develops a high output from a small compact unit. Applications include special purpose machinery presses, clamping, closing and many more production processes.

Standard clean 7 BAR (100 PSI) compressed air is the only power supply required, no hydraulics or electrics used enabling safe, simple installation in areas where oil and electricity could be a problem. Some of the many applications include cutting, marking, bending, cropping, piercing, trimming, staking, clamping and riveting.

Most of our parts are interchangeable with previous models supplied from Spencer Franklin and Sharpe and Wright.

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