About Us

Gill Engineering Limited has been producing high quality, precision machined components for the Aircraft, Medical, Power and other professional industries, to the highest standards possible since 1968.

The dedicated professional management, with their roots established in the Aircraft and Electronics industries, has achieved its aim, for over a quarter of a century, to supply without compromise.

Total Customer Satisfaction

The success of the company is due to the investment in highly skilled engineers, stringent quality control, the ability to diversify and the use of the latest technology.

For the last 20 years our main machining capacity has been centred on the use of sophisticated CNC machinery. The continued investment in this type of machinery has assured increased productivity, total quality and impressive product reliability.

Our purpose build freehold premises hold the capability of producing a wide range of precision parts.

CNC Milling and Turning

We have a range of high spec CNC milling and turning machines including High tech Multi-axis mill/turn machining centres to handle the production of sophisticated high precision components.

PECS Computerised Manufacturing Control System

Ensures efficient, reliable use of Gill Engineering's substantial resources. Customers can have complete confidence that every aspect, and a full history of the production process, is being monitored by this powerful system.

Design and Production

Running alongside the Sub-Contract machining, Gill Engineering Limited design and produce their own products. These products consist of a substantial range of Pneumatic Power Units, cylinders and Bench Presses.

CAD/CAM Design Facility

Gill Engineering has its own CAD/CAM design facility ensuring total control of its products with continued monitoring of performance resulting in beneficial enhancement of the product range.

Inspection and Test Facility

Gill Engineering has a comprehensive inspection and test facility assuring an unquestionable standard of quality control. The quality assurance system is under constant review from all members of the staff to ensure that all components and finished products conform to the highest standards.

Computerised Network System

Our Engineers, controlling machine centres in the workshop, are equipped with PCs linked to a computerised network system. The system is capable of sending or receiving data from other machining centres or from any terminal linked to the network within the company. The network is also equipped with a modem with the capability to connect to virtually any other organisation in the world.


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Gill Engineering Ltd. 2003. Established 1968.